Although you should be tuning and repairing your piano periodically, it is pretty much certain that there comes a time when a component needs to be replaced. Piano restoration can be used to bring your musical instrument back to its nearly original state, restoring the sparkling tone that it had back when you bought it.

It is possible for you to be able to tune your piano on your own, and even perform some basic repairs once you have the know-how. However, the intricate and complex process of restoring a piano must always be performed by an expert.

We offer professional restoration services through our trained staff that has a wealth of experience restoring high-end pianos such as Steinways and Baldwins. We not only source replacement parts of the highest quality, but we also mull over every little detail to enhance the longevity of your piano and make sure it sounds as fine as it ever did.

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During the restoration, we first disassemble the cabinet along with the parts and inspect them one by one. Certain parts must be replaced in each restoration (such as the damper felt), while other parts are only replaced if they are in a sub-optimal condition.

Once we have replaced all the parts, we reassemble your piano and tune it before sending it back to you.

Piano restorations can take a fair bit of time. A standard piano can be restored in 3 or 4 months, while a grand piano can take up to 5 months before it is ready for use again. Do remember that these figures are just estimates and the time taken may vary by brand and model. The best thing to do is to have our technicians inspect your piano and quote you the estimated time.


In most cases, it is worth restoring your piano. If you have a high-end piano on which you spent a lot of money, it is important that you make sure it lasts as long as possible. Restoring your piano to its original state can make the instrument last for decades longer than it would have otherwise.

Sometimes, the cost of restoring a piano can be much higher than a brand-new instrument. In this case, you should only restore your piano if it is a family heirloom or it carries sentimental value.

To find out whether it is feasible to restore your piano or if you should invest in a new one, call our piano tuners in San Diego, CA. We have a plethora of experience with pianos. We can quote you an accurate estimate of the costs associated with restoring your musical instrument. After that, you can decide if restoring your piano is worth it.


As you may have guessed by now, it varies according to the make and model. On top of this, the price will also depend on the current condition of your piano. It will cost a lot more to restore a piano that is in an abysmal condition.

The average upright piano can be restored for as little as $750 if it is in a decent condition. However, grand pianos are much more expensive to repair.

Although the cost is sometimes high, certain older pianos (such as those by Knabe, Mason & Hamlin, or Steinway) can have a resale value which is even higher, making them prime candidates for restoration.


Restorations are never as simple as piano tuning or repair work. They must be handled by professionals who have a deep understanding of the craft and the ability to find the correct replacement parts.

The expert crew we have amassed during our years in the industry can help by taking you through the process in a detailed manner. They also ensure your piano is of sublime quality upon its return and looks as majestic as it did when you first bought it.

Our service is not only unparalleled, but also extremely affordable. You have made the investment, so why not protect it? Call us now and experience the feel of a brand-new piano once again!