Due to the massive size of the piano, compared to other musical instruments, maintenance can sometimes feel like a hassle. Whether it is piano tuning, pitch correction, regulation, or general repair work, many people keep on delaying the servicing of their musical instrument because they believe it might an inconvenience.

Since a piano might have thousands of different moving parts, most people are not comfortable (and should not be) with repairing a piano themselves. It is very easy to damage a key component which could be very expensive to replace.

Our piano restoration service has been around for a long time in the San Diego area. Not only do we perform all the repairs that your piano requires, but we do it at your beck and call.


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The first problem your piano can go through is being out of tune. This happens mainly due to changes in humidity which impact the strings of the piano. However, it can also happen due to the vibrations caused by playing or moving the piano.

Apart from this, the keys can stop working. This problem can be due to a multitude of reasons but it is easily fixable in most cases. In rare cases, a hammer or another part may break off and need to be replaced.

Occasionally, it is possible for pianos to emanate buzzing or other strange noises when played. Solving this problem can be a little trickier and a laborious process to determine where the sound is coming from.

Lastly, another problem that arises commonly with pianos is with the action, which can happen due to various sorts of wear and tear. A piano repair expert can easily solve this through a process known as “regulation”.


Once you place a call to avail our services, one of our experts will visit your location at your convenience to inspect your piano. This process involves taking a look at all the complex parts of your piano to determine which ones are in need of repair.

Once the inspection is complete, our expert will summarize all the repairs that are required and make suggestions of the changes we can make to your piano. Along with this, there will be an estimate of the costs associated with repairing your musical instrument and making it sound as if you just bought it.

Once you have hired us to repair your piano, you can sit back and let us live up to the reputation that we have built through our years of continued service.


You can elongate your piano’s life and avoid massive repairs if you maintain it properly. Here are a few tips you can follow:

  • Cover the keys when your piano is idle to avoid the accumulation of dust.
  • Avoid keeping liquids close to your piano as spillage can damage the wood and the internal mechanisms.
  • Avoid fiddling with the inner parts of your piano, you might damage something.
  • Avoid moving the piano yourself. It is better to hire a professional.
  • Keep your piano away from sunlight, it can damage the piano’s finish.
  • Dust your piano every few days.
  • Try to control the humidity around your piano by keeping it away from heaters, windows, and air vents.


If you have been noticing a decline in the quality of the sound your piano makes, it might be time to call one of our technicians to come and help you. If you properly care for your piano, it could be that your instrument is only in need of a tuning.

Having your piano inspected for damage every time you have it tuned can be a great way to save money in the long run, as certain parts that are starting to fall apart could be repaired before they are damaged irreversibly. With proper care, it is possible for good pianos to last over a hundred years.

You bought the piano to sound good. So, what is the point of playing it if your piano has lost its magic? Call San Diego Piano Tuner now to bring back the magic to your musical instrument!