For the enthusiast, casual player, or professional pianist, there is nothing worse than an out-of-tune piano. The sound is flat, the keys often do not work properly, and your entire playing experience is dismal, at best. We have a solution for that.

We are San Diego piano technicians who have repaired almost every mechanical issue a piano can have, including action regulation, excessive fire and smoke damage, sticky keys, and even cabinet damage. We pride ourselves on quality work because your next song relies on our ability to make each note crisp, powerful, and resonate with your audience.

Learn more about our services and what we are offering to piano owners across the San Diego area.

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A piano generates its sound through the strings attached to its keys. Usually, pianos have a total of 88 keys. However, they have over 200 strings (higher notes have 3 strings and lower notes have 2 or 1). Pianos can be tuned by manipulating the tension in these strings to make them correspond to their respective note.

The high number of strings makes tuning a piano a lot more technical than other instruments such as a drum kit. You will need specialized equipment including a tuning lever, chromatic tuner, and various mutes.

For the aforementioned reasons, it is best if you delegate piano tuning to professionals like us. You only need to tune your piano a couple of times a year. As a result, it is more feasible for you not to invest in expensive tuning equipment, rely instead on our years of experience to get the job done.


The components of your piano can sustain damage over time. For example, the felt of your piano can compress, hardening the felt hammers. This can form grooves where the hammers meet the strings, causing certain keys to sound much brighter than the others. This is called voicing and our experts can fix this problem through purpose-built tools known as voicing needles.

Other components of your piano (such as the wood) may experience wear and tear due to excessive use. This can cause the action to perform poorly. Our experts can completely regulate your action to restore it to the same condition it was when you bought your piano.

Occasionally, pianos have not been properly regulated in the factory and our piano repair service can make your musical instrument sound even better than it did when it was brand new.


A high-end piano can often last decades. However, certain parts may have shorter lifespans and may need to be replaced, reconditioned, or refurbished.

If your piano is continuously examined and any failing parts are restored, it is possible for you to extend the useful life of your piano by years. The frequency at which your instrument goes through piano restoration can vary. Pianos under constant use may need to have parts restored after a few years, while those not used as often may last over a decade.

If you have a high-end piano with a sturdy frame, it is possible to make your piano last indefinitely if you have experts continuously inspect it for impairment and perform regular restorations of faulty components every few years.


Due to their higher costs, pianos are considered an investment. Therefore, you will not find every household in San Diego with one. Because these instruments are delicate yet heavy, they must be cared more frequently than other instruments. Keys can go bad quickly if played every day, strings are known to break if hit with force, and cabinets can fade over time and require refinishing.

Our company prides itself on making pianos sound new again. Contact us if you want affordable, professional, and friendly piano services. For certain piano services, we charge nothing for estimates. Other times we will need to inspect your piano before making an estimate.

Have you been playing the piano, but the pitch is out of whack? Call us today, and we will bring it back!